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Hear from recent graduates in Africa

Building on our solid track record of helping Christian Scientists in the US and Canada, The Albert Baker Fund has successfully expanded our outreach to help fund the education of Christian Scientists in ten African countries since 2004.

James Kasozi–new skills lead to bank management position

James Kasozi received his BSc degree in Computer Science from Makerere University in Kampala. Uganda. But he still felt that he needed to practical, hands-on instruction to be employable. So with financial assistance from The Albert Baker Fund he enrolled in a vocational training school in Kampala.

Anna Wambugu–helping to improve the lives of her fellow Africans

Anna learned about Christian Science in 2003 from a neighbor who invited her to visit the church in Nairobi. Anna says that from that first service, “I never looked back.” She soon joined The Mother Church (TMC) and then her branch church, and in 2006 she took Christian Science class instruction.

George Sognon–from college student to mentor and investment banker

We join George Sognon of Accra, Ghana, in celebrating his college graduation, earning a BS degree in Business Administration from Ashesi University College in June 2013.

ABF Students in Africa Talk About Their Faith

ABF students in Africa speak from the heart about their faith. Love for Christian Science and its founder, Mary Baker Eddy, truly reaches around the world!  (Filmed on location in Kenya and Tanzania in 2011.)

Africa Team Comes Together in Sacramento for First Time

In November 2011, our regional program managers for East, West, and Central Africa, Lamech Katamba and Huguette Diakabana, were able to spend several weeks working at ABF headquarters along with the Sacramento half of their team: CEO Alan Bashor, International Programs Manager Lonnie Best-Jarvis and Office Administrator Jennifer Day. “We all talk and email regularly, […]